With our uniqe DocLX City Card Solutions, we provide city card operators, tourists and attractions convenience and great flexibility.

For operators, DocLX delivers an all-in-one-solution with different card types (physical, digital and print@home), fully automated and digitalised processes, database tools, invoicing, dunning, partner management and operational efficiencies. Furthermore, we work with an active interface to public transportation which are included in the City Cards.

For operators working with an existing card management system, DocLX offers great flexibility in purchasing City Cards online and via smartphones. With the app-ticket-solutions we improve the digital destination experience of the visitor and contribute to a better customer service.

For destinations who have no City Card yet, DocLX supports with excellent destination and product development consulting. We assist future operators with our 25 years City Card management experience, design in cooperation with each client the perfect card product for the destination and implement a holistic digital system.

DocLX has taken a significant step in digitizing tourism by fully digitalizing the traditional analog tourist card of Vienna. This transformation marks a milestone in how tourists explore and experience the city of Vienna.

Previously, the City Card was a physical card that visitors received upon their arrival in the city. This card offered numerous benefits such as discounted entry to attractions, free or reduced public transportation, and discounts at selected shops and restaurants. Although this analog card was useful, it had its drawbacks: it could be easily lost, was often cumbersome to handle, and required physical interactions, which are increasingly seen as inconvenient in today’s digital world.

With the digitalization by DocLX, all this has changed. The new, fully digital  Card is now available as a mobile app that tourists can install on their smartphones. This app offers all the benefits of the physical card, but in a much more user-friendly and accessible format.

A key advantage of the digital version is its immediate availability and ease of use. Tourists can download the app even before arriving in Vienna and familiarize themselves with the services offered. This saves time and significantly simplifies travel planning. Moreover, the app provides real-time information and updates, ensuring that tourists are always informed about current events, changed opening hours, or new offers.

Additionally, the digital version offers improved security and personalization. Users cannot lose their card and have access to their benefits and discounts at all times. The app also allows personal preferences and interests to be saved, displaying tailored recommendations and offers.

With the fully digitalized  City Card, DocLX has not only increased comfort and user-friendliness for tourists but also made a significant contribution to sustainability by reducing the need for physical cards and printed materials. This step demonstrates how technology can be used to enhance the travel experience while leaving a positive ecological footprint.

Overall, the digitalization of the City Card by DocLX has revolutionized the tourism experience in Vienna and sets new standards for tourism services in an increasingly digitalized world.