DocLX City Card Solutions combines experience in tourism, online/mobile specialised knowledge, expertise in digital transformation and City Card product developoment consulting.

Our Team

Alexander Knechtsberger
Alexander KnechtsbergerCEO DocLX Holding
Mark Schilling
Mark SchillingManaging Director
Peter Staudinger
Peter StaudingerDirector of Card Solutions
Thomas Mietschke
Thomas MietschkeHead of Project Management
Christian Storck
Christian StorckTechnical Consultant
Nina Wolf
Nina WolfOperation Manager
Yvonne Jerabek
Yvonne JerabekKey Account Benefit Program
Karl Renisch
Karl RenischSystem Architect
Patrik Hummelbrunner
Patrik HummelbrunnerLead Developer
Martin Kloss
Martin KlossDeveloper

The City Card of the future is a strategic and value product of a Tourist Board or a Card Operator. The Card generates a significant increase in sales and with its collected data the operator can focus on on-spot marketing for the local partners. Furthermore, the collected data can be used to integrate the flow of the tourists into a smart city strategy.

Digital Maturity

Phase 0: “Offline

  • No website of the card / no card

Phase 1: “Web Presence

  • Web presence, no order possibility
  • Card in paper form, manual process

Phase 2: “Online Shop

  • Online booking, simple voucher redemption

Phase 3: “Multi channel”

  • Digital Voucher, online and offline presence merge
  • Sales points merge
  • Digital code solutions are comprehensively supported


Phase 4: „Mobile business

  • Digital card (via App, print@Home)
  • Fully integrated interfaces to third-party sellers and suppliers

Phase 5: “Digital Card Operator

  • Complete digital operational process
  • Customer orientated business model
  • Extensive data analysis