Benefits for the Operator:

  • Optimised digitised workflows in administration
  • More effective service for tourists
  • Improved digital destination experience
  • Data collection of customers for marketing activities
  • Visitors flow analysis
  • Improved touristic product range
  • Smart city/region solution

Destination Card Consulting and Solution Development

For destinations who want to develop a City Card we support with our expertise in:

  • Product development
  • Price calculation
  • Service and Sales Partner Management
  • Digitalisation of all processes of the City Card Life Cycle
  • Operation management
  • Marketing and sales strategies
  • Proved and safe system

Supported Systems

Card Systems

  • All-inclusive Cards
    All the attractions are inlcuded, customer does not have to buy new tickets. Card operator has to calculate exactly the cost accounting. Cards have to be scanned at attractions for kick back. Higher administrative work, attractions need scanning devices.
  • Discount Cards
    Customer get a disount price at attraction while showing the card. Higher wins are possible because NO kick back.
  • Blended Cards
    Mix of a all-inclusive and a discount card

Card Types

  • Physical card
  • Print@home ticket
  • App-Ticket

Scanning Process – Redeeming / Controll

For controlling of the validation and the redeeming of the Smart City Cards are made for

  • Visual check through personalisation
  • Barcode
  • QR code

Therefore following advices/systems can be used

  • Handheld scanner
  • Scanner App of City Card Solutions
  • Self reediming item

Connection to existing cashier systems

Code Solution

The City Card Operator provides codes for their City Card including add-ons (if needed) to resellers, which can then be redeemed by end customers either through an app as a mobile App-ticket or as a print-at-home ticket in the web shop. Only when a code has been redeemed, it will be invoiced to the reseller on a monthly collective invoice. This variant is ideal for packages, as your guests can already travel with the benefits of the City Card, making it perfect for budget-conscious customers.

The codes can be provided through dynamic generation using the DocLX API Gateway Interface, where codes can be generated dynamically when issuing information for the end consumer. Another option is through an Excel list of codes provided by the system for the different City Cards and a combination of all add-ons (if needed). The reseller can use these codes and forward them to end consumers. This allows for flexibility and convenience for both the City Card Operator and the resellers.

Logistic and Stock Management

  • Online web shop (including voucher handling) interfacing with ticketing of public and private transport companies
  • Stock management
  • Customer relationship management including registration
  • Customer areas
  • Financials and controlling module
  • Electronic ordering
  • Reports and statistics
  • Product management
  • Voucher API
  • Dashboard
  • ERP export
  • Customer segmentation
  • Mobile device support for couriers
  • B2B online order system

Voucher Handling

  • Administration of electronic vouchers from different suppliers
  • Automatic billing
  • Voucher issue control statistics
  • Voucher Management
  • Voucher handling via API, code list, or partner portal
  • Support of 3rd party vouchers
  • Support of Affiliate program
  • Versatile statistics
  • Reporting (daily, weekly, and/or monthly reports)

Coupon Handling

  • connection of attraction and corresponding coupon
  • Individual design of coupons
  • Simple redemption of couponsManaging reduction and / or all-inclusive coupons
  • Automatic billing
  • Controlling and statistics
  • Management of partner coupons (redeeming)
  • App for redeeming via bar / QR Code
  • Online redeeming via Web Frontend
  • API for Integration into existing systems (Cash registry,…)
  • Track & Trace
  • Multiple or one time redeeming possible
  • Reporting (daily, weekly, and/or monthly reports)
  • Online Reporting
  • Multiple redeem stations

Card “ticket” App

The customer loads the app on the mobile device and can buy the card from the app via the web
shop. Thus, the owner always has his card with him and can let scan and validate the digital card anywhere
with the service partners. If the phone is lost, a new card can simply be issued and loaded onto a new device
due to the digital fingerprint. When purchasing multiple cards, individual cards can be transferred from one
mobile device to another.
In addition, in this app the (if available) tickets of the transport provider are displayed.

Custom add-ons

The concept of DocLX City Card Solutions allows the services provided to be custom tailored with little effort. This means you can segment your services based on the needs of your target customers or, for example, offer your city card as an app for smartphones.

Additional apps

  • Voucher APP
    The voucher app is usually used by the tourist office to redeem vouchers. The barcode is scanned on the
    voucher and the corresponding number of cards is activated with the app.
  • Partner APP
    The partner app is typically used by service partners to redeem benefits. The barcode is scanned on the ticket
    and at the same time noted accordingly in the system. As a result, no unwanted multiple redemptions are
  • Sales app
    With this app can also be issued tickets, so sold. To create the invoice, a separate POS-system must be